Permafrost Workshop- Presentations


Day 1 am

Introductions and Overview- Facilitators

Dedication to Ross McKay - Chris Burn

Introduction to Permafrost - Michel Allard

Introduction to Permafrost - Steve Kokelj

Sump Timelapse Video- Steve Kokelj

Pan-Territorial Adaptation Partnership- PTAP

Our Changing Homelands Our Changing Lives- Norma Kassi


Day 1 pm Landscape Changes

Permafrost in Yellowknife - Steve Wolfe

Community-based monitoring in Yukon -Brendan Mulligan & Jody Inkster

Vegetation and hydrology changes - Jennifer Baltzer

Landscape changes and adaptation -  Doug Esagok & Chris Burn


Tools for Adaptation

Remote sensing in the Arctic - Adrian McCradle & Jon Leighton

Thermosyphons - Brent Wall

Yukon permafrost network - Sarah Laxton


Northern Infrastructure Standards Initiative:

Community Drainage Standards- Ken Johnson

Snowloads Standards - Heather Auld

Moderating the Effects of Permafrost Degradation on Existing Structures- Antoni Lewkowicz

Thermosyphon-supported Foundations for New Buildings in Permafrost- Don Hayley


Day 2 am- Mapping and Communities

Mapping ground movement and permafrost temperature- Anne-Marie LeBlanc

Mapping landscape hazards in Yukon - Brownwyn Benkert

Permafrost scenario and air temperature modelling - Philip Bonnaventure

Electrical Resistivity Tomography - Antoni Lewkowitz

Permafrost vulnerability assessment in Jean Marie River- Fabrice Calmels

Permafrost vulnerability assessment in Jean Marie River- Margaret Ireland

Mapping and community planning in Nunatsiavut - Trevor Bell

4D mapping in Clyde River - Ellen Pond

Adaptation and permafrost; the importance of partnerships - Sara Brown


Day 2 pm- Building Infrastructure

Effects of CC on permafrost and the dempster highway - Richard Trimble

Building infrastructure in NU - John Watson

CC impact on the state of permafrost in Inuvik - Ed Hoeve

Building ground temperature monitoring - Edward Cormier

Tools for assessing roofs and foundations - Mark Porter


Day 3 am- Transportation

Developing infrastructure forensic analysis system - Alison Perrin & Simon Eng

Alaska highway permafrost mapping - Frabrice Calmels & Brownwyn Benkert

ARQULUK program - Julie Malenfant-Lepage

Iqaluit International Airport Improvement Project - John Hawkins

Permafrost infrastructure research in Great Slave Region - Steve Wolfe

NWT highway 3 vulnerability assessment - Lukas Arenson


Day 3 pm- Mining, Oil, and Gas

Exploration sumps in permafrost - Steve Kokelj

Giant mine arsenic remediation - Peter Mikes

Permafrost research to support hydrocarbon development and transportation - Sharon Smith


Outreach and Engagement Panel

Community engagement-  Norma Kassi

Delta map used during Billy Archie's comments


Closing Remarks- Colleen Healey